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 Natural and Organic Body Care, Homewares and Herbal Products 


Natural Bodycare and homewares
* bodycare for women and men
* bodycare for babies and children
* natural homewares
* natural pet care products
* scarves and bandanas


No more putting your beans and tomatoes into plastic bags at the when you have these pure cotton, washable, durable hand-made bags.  Over a dozen colours to choose from.

NEW Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream.  No artificial fragrances but simply the scent of delicious lemon myrtle essential oil.  Deeply nourishing.

New Magnesium Cream

Long known for its muscle-soothing and anti-cramping properties, the magnesium in this cream is perfect for tired legs.

BESPOKE PRODUCTS:  Would you like a product made to your specifications (eg:  a moisturiser with a particular essential oil included, an organic shampoo with your favourite scent - we don't use artificial fragrances-)?  Contact Cathy at [email protected]

 We can supply products with personalised labelling for gifts, weddings and corporate events.
Give your friends/clients a personalised, beautifully natural and high quality gift this Christmas.